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Lahaina Fire Disaster 

Old Lahaina is gone. Homes and businesses are burned to ash. Families are displaced. Our focus is on helping. We are a 501c3 launched in 2022 to help the youth, particularly the underserved children, in Lahaina with programs that provide education, surfing and skating skills with free lessons to help them build positive character traits such as respect, resilience, honor, humility and creativity and sense of belonging in a community. Now, we are focused on responding to the immediate needs of the displaced families in West Maui who need lifesaving supplies and financial assistance. We will then be expanding how we can serve the entire Lahaina community that is recovering from the fires by organizing community events for our youth around supply drives, surfing, skateboarding and music. Because we need hope. The kids of Lahaina need hope. Our town will rebuild. And we will be there to help. 

Lahaina Updates


Children Need Mentors

Mana Mentors is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to teach youth (and all humans) ocean respect, earth respect and self-respect though the mindful practice of surfing, skateboarding, meditation and exercise for mind, body and soul. Our mission is to give back to the community and inspire future generations. 

We accept all kinds of donations. In addition to funds, we welcome skate and surf gear, clothes, promotional items (stickers and hats). Donating your time to spend with the kids is priceless.   

Become a mentor! Help us organize skate contests, surf challenges, food and toy drives, and community building events. We love to partner with other non profits and ministries, 

Our mission is for our youth to excel physically, spiritually and academically, and develop positive character traits such as respect, resilience, honor, humility and creativity.

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